Cork Vegfest, 27 April 2019, Cork City Hall

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Cork Vegfest is a celebration of vegan food, vegan friendly businesses and vegan culture. Lifestyle talks, music, demo’s, cruelty free products, exhibitors, info stalls, non-profits, film & lots more! You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy Cork Vegfest; you can just hang out eating great food, try natural ethical products, learn about plant based health benefits or enjoy a talk among a super friendly gathering…

Feast your way through the day with some of the best local vegan friendly food producers in Ireland and the UK. Our Vegan Food Hall runs all day from 10 am til 6 pm and has something for everybody. Whether you're vegan, veggie, curious about a plant based diet or just a regular foodie, we have got you covered with tarts, tortes, cupcakes, pies, burgers, sausages, cheeses, chocolate bars, fermented foods, fudges, BBQ and street food classics, healthy whole foods, meats, fusion cuisine, super foods, raw, gluten free, energy bars, cuisines from Asia, The Middle East, Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa! Oh, did we say chocolate? Check back later to see who is going to be there.

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Speakers &

Marc Pierschel

Fiona Oakes

Holly White

Christina Leopold

Paul Knapp

Michael Donohoe

Heather Gordon

Dr Sean Owens

Carmel O'Sullivan

Virginia O'Gara

Ailis Brosnan

Jay & Katja Wilde

Laura Broxon

Hot Sauce Competition

Vegan Tattoo Parlour

Khaled Azra

Cork Vegfest 2019

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Cork Vegfest 2019



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Why Vegan?

Are you curious about adopting a vegan diet, a vegan lifestyle?

Going vegan is something we can do to improve personal health, stop animal suffering and Climate Change. Making a positive difference. With vegan alternatives to every animal based foods, vegan clothes, cosmetics and household products we have the power to choose a kinder, more ethical lifestyle. Make sure to get along to our events; Cork Vegfest and Dublin Vegfest where you can meet many vegans, ask questions, get advice from experts in nutrition and vegan education, get inspired and of course enjoy a huge variety of vegan foods and products.

For more on veganism including helpful resources on being vegan in Ireland, shopping and a starter kit go to

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