Erin Grant / Little Human Rights

Erin is an artist and activist who uses her own corner of the internet at papermachemind  to write about all things from sustainability to veganism and self-care in a creative way. She has been outspoken on prominent equality campaigns and is an advocate for the rights of human and non-human animals. Her BA and MA in Gender and Human Rights propelled her fight for a fairer world.

From these experiences, ‘Little Human Rights’ was born and it was strengthened by her love of working with children while learning through play and art. Little Human Rights is an interactive educational art project for children. The aim of this project is to incorporate an understanding of the basics of human rights and equality in children’s lives from a young age, so that they can better understand these issues and adapt them in their future endeavours. These workshops are comprised of storytelling, art making and interactive games which encourage children and childlike adults to explore the world around us in a fun and creative way. 

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